2020 Vision for the Future of ECS

2020 Vision for the Future of ECS

2020 Vision for the Future of ECS2020 Vision for the Future of ECS



Summary of Plans

Projected Timeline

Projected Timeline

Goals for the Expansion

(1) Expand our Academic & Fine Arts Offerings

(2) Better Utilize our Campus

(3) Grow our Endeavor Family

Projected Timeline

Projected Timeline

Projected Timeline

 Spring 2020 - finalize building plans, expanded lottery for 20 students per class for 2020-2021, construction begins

Fall 2020 - construction impacts campus

Spring 2021 - expanded lottery for additional classes for 2021-2022, construction finalizing

Fall 2021- ECS opens with expanded enrollment and expanded facility

Benefits We're Excited to Share!

Benefits We're Excited to Share!

Benefits We're Excited to Share!

Things we are looking to achieve with this expansion project:

A gym

A performance space

Dedicated middle school space

Expanded elementary school space

Expanded carpool & parking

Year long offerings in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies

Who Are We Working With?

Benefits We're Excited to Share!

Benefits We're Excited to Share!

BC Construction Group is a design-build group, which will streamline our process to maximize efficiency and limit the intrusion on our day to day operations as much as possible.

They have built over 200 charter schools in 39 states.

Locally, they have built Envision Science Academy and Youngsville Charter School.

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How will an expanded Endeavor feel?

The essential part about what makes Endeavor special will remain the same - hands-on learning in a familial environment with talented teachers.  We will continue to maintain the standard you are used to and look forward to what this expanded Endeavor means for new opportunities for the future.

But what about a high school?

The current expansion plan does not hinder a future plan to add a high school. It's actually a step closer toward that goal and one that will allow us to build a stronger financial foundation to support future expansions. Plus, if we look at our mission, we still have some work to do in our K-8 program before we can tackle adding high school grade levels to our school. This expansion addresses those K-8 needs and all plans leave the door open for future expansion and development. It’s not completely off the table, it’s just not the right choice for Endeavor for 2020.

How will carpool be impacted?

For Endeavor, the priorities for carpool have always been safety and efficiency.  The biggest challenge currently to our procedures has been fitting enough cars on campus and getting waiting cars off One World Way.  The new three-lane, elongated driveway will help ensure that our cars are not stopped on One World Way again.  Once construction is complete, we will load more cars at one time in the same way that our safe, efficient carpool has always run.  There will be temporary impacts during construction, but the safety improvements coming should make that worthwhile for everyone!

Will there be any changes to the 2020-2021 calendar?

At this time there are no plans to change the 2020-21 calendar due to construction.  It is our intent that construction plans will work around our already published calendar with minimal interruption to our school days. 

Will adding a child to each class affect the attention my child receives?

Our classes will still be taught with care and focus on each child.  Just as one child's absence now does not impact your child's experience, neither will the addition of one child in each class. 

How will the expansion affect Endeavor sports teams?

In anticipation of the changes coming for our campus and our enrollment, ECS will be exploring all options for our sports program.  We hope to bring as many sports on campus as possible.  As decisions are made, parents will be informed.